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Whether you are wanting to convert your loft into a bedroom, or the playroom in a study area, Clarkson Builders have had many years worth of experience in dealing with home conversions. We’ll listen to your ideas and desires and make dreams a reality. Every project we take on will be bespoke to you and your needs.

Having a home conversion is one of the most trendy and popular choices within the UK. Throughout the last decade, many small single-family homes have decreased in size dramatically. We have been producing conversion services on many cases like this one. Our main goal for a house like this is to completely transform and to widen the size of your property, with you having to endeavour in the hassle of moving.

For customers with larger homes, they tend to either want to change an office into a playroom or create another bedroom. Again, this is a very familiar case we deal with. With our many years of experience in dealing with this, we have come up with expert ways to completely enhance the look of people’s homes.

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  • Latest Modifications
  • High tech Technology
  • Expert Builders on Board
  • Years worth of experience
  • Specialising in loft conversions.
  • Specifically designed & tailored to your needs.
  • Up to date materials used
  • Quality and polished finish
Conversion Services

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