Tips for a profitable Renovation

If you are looking to sell your home after renovation, then there are a few tricks you should know to make it more profitable. In our new article, we give you some ‘Tips for a profitable Renovation’, read for more!

Profitable Renovation

A profitable renovation is not just about how your home looks although that does play a big part in it. It is also about the timing and how to advertise your home properly when you are ready to sell it. Read more for more!

Act quickly

Most people believe that January is the dead time when it comes to selling your newly renovated property. However with now, people do a lot of window shopping online, so you should always take advantage of every month! When advertising your home, add pictures of the most beautiful parts of your home and ensure than it is very descriptive to give the potential buyer much more clarity.

Add a bathroom

If you only have one bathroom why not add another one? The addition of a bathroom can really add a touch of style in the smallest of places, and it only means you have added extra rooms to your home, so the price will definitely go up.

Remodelling your Kitchen

This one is a no-brainer, adding new appliances, flooring, cabinets and fixtures to make your home more modern and to set a certain aesthetic means everything in your home looks well put together, and this always gets a high resale value.

Replacing Windows

Placing your old windows with new and fresh ones will not only make you home more modern, but it also makes it look a lot cleaner. They are many companies that offer custom made windows, so finding ones that will go well with the rest of the aesthetic of your home will not be hard.

Good Company

There are some renovation projects you can’t do on your own, so to tackle them, consult the best company in and around your area, who you are sure to offer quality. One way to look out for good quality companies is to check their accreditation social media pages on their website and see how active they are, look at their reviews and their pictures. Here at Clarkson Builders, we offer the best Renovations in Milton Keynes as well as other areas across the UK at cost effective prices.