Timber and Stone

Stone or Timber? – House Construction

Well, which one are you? At Clarkson builders, we have two home construction services on offer; Stone and Timber. Both holds respectable qualities which shines and compliments any home. For this week’s article, we have decided to inform you a little bit more about these construction services.

So have you come up with an answer yet? Stone or Timber- House Construction. If you haven’t, not to worry our handy builders are here to advise, inform and answer any questions you may have about these services.

Timber Frame Construction

If you think of yourself as being that traditionalist, and you prefer the classic look then a Timber Frame Construction will be right up your street! Our luxurious selection of Timber Frames will be complimentary in any home, giving it the WOW factor as soon as you enter the room.

At Clarkson Builders, we have found that many Timber Frame Constructions have been extremely popular when customers have opted for a House Extension in Milton Keynes. As they wanted it look as natural and original as possible.

If you’re especially looking for a warm, homely and cosy feeling then this is the service for you. All wood is polished and smoothed down, whilst ranging in a choice of a matte or high gloss finish.

Stone Construction

One of many popular services we have on offer, our Stone Construction service separates the traditional from the modern look. All stone is quality cut and exquisitely designed to really open up and give your room a high class finish look.

Our Stone Construction can be used in many rooms, although very popular in the living room and kitchen, as these are the main entertaining and centre points of the home.

All designs are perfectly thought through by our architects, including you through every step of the way. They want your dream home construction to be exactly what you envisioned.

Although these two home construction services contain different materials, they both carry similar qualities in making your home unique and different from the rest.

We hope that this has settles the argument in your head, to whether you are more for Stone or Timber. If you need our continued help with any of these services, then please feel free to get in contact with us today!