Sleep Inducing Bedroom Decor Ideas

The correct amount of sleep is vital for a healthy functioning body. Losing sleep and staying up late can cause your immune system to dip as well as increase the chance of feeling generally unwell. If you suffer from insomnia or find it hard to drift off in the evenings at a reasonable time, it can be a good idea to look into some sleep inducing tips.

Why Use Sleep Inducing Decor?

One of the easiest ways to treat insomnia or out of pattern sleeping habits, are in ways that you don’t realise. Things like sleeping tablets can be really helpful at sending you to sleep after taking them, but they can make your head foggy the next morning and reduce productivity due to the strength of the medication. Herbal sleeping remedies are available, but these only work for certain people as everyone is different.

How your bedroom is laid out and designed has a massive influence on your level of tiredness as well as in the way it makes you feel. Research has shown that different colours make your brain and senses react in a different way. So if your bedroom isn’t decorated suitably in a way that relaxes and calms you, this could be the issue causing your sleeping problems or keeping you up late at night. If you want to improve your sleeping pattern and drift off earlier in the evenings, keep reading! We’ve devised a set of bedroom decor tips that can help induce sleep and increase drowsiness for a fantastic nights sleep.

Choose Your Wall Colours Carefully

As we previously mentioned, the colour of your bedroom walls can have an impact on the way you feel once you get into bed. If your walls are bright colours like red, yellow or green, it can be hard for your brain to process the feeling of tiredness. Simply because these colours connote a lot of different emotions and feeling and aren’t calming shades, they can keep your brain awake and make it difficult for you to switch off and relax.

Pastel colours, creams and beiges all promote relaxation and a feeling of comfort. A lot of baby bedroom decor items, as well as toys, are often a beige or light brown colour as it is calming and can make you feel comfortable. As well as this neutral colours are dim, so can relax your brain and mind and allow you to get cosy rather than being surrounded in bright colours. This also applies to wallpaper; if you have busy wallpaper pasted up, this can distract your brain and keep your mind wandering. Wallpaper Direct offer some fantastic beige wallpapers to help get you ready for a great nights sleep.

neutral coloured bedroom

Adjust The Lighting

LED lighting has become increasingly popular over the years due to its eco-friendly traits. However, having bright LED lighting in your bedroom can prevent you from relaxing. Your brain starts to become relaxed when you’re in a dim environment; specialists often recommend if you don’t want to sit in the darkness to invest in fairy lights or a dimmable bedside lamp.

You can still do your part for the environment and use LED bulbs, just ensure they are yellow tinged or dimmed bulbs. Another thing you can do is install dimming lights into your room so you can adjust the lighting to the time of day and when you want to go to sleep. Often when you invest in home conversions, builders Milton Keynes will give you the offer to install dimmable lights, which will often be cheaper. Or contact a local electrician who can give you a quote and plan the job for you.

If it’s outside light that is causing sleep disturbance, purchase some blackout curtains. These block out all forms of light and can keep your bedroom dark at all times of the day when closed.

Decorate Your Room With Different Scents

Aromas and soothing scents can be extremely helpful when aiming to induce sleep. Many sleeping specialists claim scents such as lavender can help relax your body’s senses and send you into relaxation mode and make it easier to sleep.

You can purchase lavender sleeping sprays which are all natural and contain no harsh chemicals. Alternatively, you can buy soothing incenses which can be lit and will burn for hours at a time. These will fill your room with a scent that lasts for hours. Or you can buy candles which provide a relaxing flicker of light as well as the scents. Yankee Candles lavender candle can help you drift off to sleep and make excellent bedroom decor.

candles in bedroom

Buy A New Bed

Although your bed is all you want to be in throughout the day, you may not realise it, but this could be the culprit that’s causing you inadequate sleep. Sleeping specialists recommend that you should replace your mattress every 8 years, as after this time period your mattress will of lost all of its original shape, support and comfort.

Although an uncomfortable or old bed may not cause you any noticeable discomfort straight away, over time it can have lasting effects on your neck and back. As well as this an old mattress in prone to dust mites and bed bugs which are little mites that feed on your dead skin and can in worst case scenario chew small holes in your belongings. Or, if your bed frame has broken your mattress could be slouching and at an angle which really isn’t good for your body. If this is the case, treat yourself to a new luxury bed frame to maximise comfort and promote healthy sleeping patterns – you won’t regret it!

Decorate Your Bedroom Today

So if you are unfortunately suffering with finding it hard to relax, even the simplest things like room decor can help you unwind and drift off to sleep easier. Follow these top tips, and you should start to see an improvement in your sleeping pattern and find it easier to relax and be comfortable and cosy in your bedroom. For all other construction enquiries, or new build houses Buckingham, please contact a member of our team today.

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