Property Warning Signs For Home Buyers

When purchasing a property, it’s always good to inspect and check the home thoroughly to ensure everything is as it should be. Be sure to keep an eye out for property warning signs.

Why Look Out For Property Warning Signs

A property is a big purchase, so it’s crucial that you take all of the correct precautions and checks to ensure that everything is in a safe and working order. Unfortunately, some people are desperate to sell their property that they will go against all the odds and take the time to cover up property defects in order to sell their home quicker.

This can be anything from previous shoddy work, to mould or cracks in walls. If the property is rented, then this shouldn’t be an issue as your landlord has the responsibility of repairing or replacing anything damaged that was not your fault. As well as this they’re also responsible for regular electrical inspections and gas safety inspections.

So if you’re looking for a new property, it’s always a good idea to make a note of the most prominent warning signs in a home that could deter you from making an offer. Which is why we’ve made a list of some of the biggest property warning signs to keep your eyes peeled for when viewing any home.

You Cannot Be Provided With Any Home History Documents

If the previous homeowner claims not to have any of the previous home history records with any electrical, water or gas records alarm bells should definitely start to ring.

Its a legal requirement that previous homeowners or landlords have to provide you with documentation listing any work or inspections carried out on your property. If there is no proof that your home has had any electrical or gas safety inspections, it could mean that the boiler or electrical wiring is not in a safe or working order.

Always be sure to ask the homeowner for property history, if the home has had any work done we recommend asking builders Newport Pagnell as they should have a record of any home improvements or construction carried out.

Very Low Asking Price

Unfortunately, nothing in life is free. So if you believe a property is being sold for a very reasonable price, do not jump at the opportunity and make your offer without visiting the property. A lot of home buyers fall victim to this and throw down their offer in excitement before holding a property viewing, and find loads of issues present in their new property.

Always view a property, there are plenty of tricks in the book that allow home sellers to hide property defects to sell their property fast and quick at an affordable price. Some of the things that could make the property a lot cheaper than you expected could be issues with the property that you cannot necessarily see. We recommend doing your research and checking things such as crime rates, accessibility to shops and public transport as well as flood risk.

couple discussing home price

Faulty Home Electrical Wiring

Faulty electrical wiring within your property is not an issue that you want to deal with. Not only is it a costly repair but it’s also a dangerous issue to have in your home. The most common symptoms of faulty electrical wiring are the following;

  • Buzzing electrical outlets
  • Hot electrical outlets
  • Damaged or frayed wires
  • Burning smells
  • Electrical shocks from outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent power cuts

Electrical wiring runs throughout your entire property and is the source of all electricity in your property for fridges, freezers, tv’s microwaves and more. If your electrical wiring is incorrect or damaged, you will have no access to any of your most critical electrical outlets.

As well as this, faulty electrics are the most common cause of housefire’s so be sure to have regular electrical inspections and testing to ensure that your property is in excellent condition and minimise risks.

Leaky Or A Damaged Roof

A leaky or damaged roof can be hard to spot during a property visit. You do not tend to venture into the loft; the current homeowner more often than not will just show you where the loft hatch is located. And spotting a damaged roof from outside the property can be difficult unless the damage is severe.

With the rainy and windy weather that regularly occurs in the UK a hole in the roof or severe damage can cause devastation to a property. If water gets into your loft or cavity insulation, it can become damp and quickly begin to rot or develop into mould or damp. Which is a serious health hazard and can cause extensive issues with those who have respiration issues such as asthma.

As well as this, if you live in a location that is often plagued by frequent heavy rainfall, with a damaged roof and heavy rain, there is a serious potential of extensive home flooding. Home flooding can begin to destroy your property within a number of hours, take a look at this article to see the effects of water damage.

damaged shingles on roof

Faulty Plumbing Works

Plumbing works in your property are just as important as your electrical wiring. With faulty plumbing works, you may lose access to central heating as well as hot water and have issues with your tap water. As well as this, as we previously mentioned faulty plumbing works can lead to home flooding from burst pipes or sewage backups.

You can reduce the chance of this happening by ensuring you have regular boiler servicing and gas safety checks. Although it’s an added expense that is a hassle to pay for, it will save you money in the long run and minimises the risk of damage to your home.

Keep A Look Out For These Property Warning Signs

So next time you want to move home or are viewing potential properties, make sure that none of these things are present within the property. Always ask for property history and thoroughly inspect the house, even try and make more than one visit at different times of the day.

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