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Modern Home Extension Ideas

Recently more people are going Contemporary rather than Old school. Adding brand new modern extensions to their home to give it a little panache, making for a more current look. In this article, we discuss Modern Home Extension Ideas, for those looking for a more stylish looking home.

Why Modern is better

Preference is widespread, not everyone will like the same things. However, Keeping up with the times is what most people strive to do, so why not do it with your home? The more current look these days are a very minimalistic yet dramatic look that can be very easy to accommodate into your home. However, not everyone can manage this, fortunately, there is a wide range of companies that offer extension services nationally in areas such as Milton Keynes and Olney.

Reading Area

If you love books, then this might be right for you. There are a lot of people out there with the same passion you have, but decided to take it a step further and you can as well. You could extend a part of your home or completely add a new room. For a modern look, light wood is usually incorporated, with black and white features across the room. Embedding a bookshelf across a whole wall filled to the brim with books, not only saves spaces but it also gives a more current style. In the room, adding a big fluffy couch and carpets makes it warm and comfortable.

Pool Room

Want a swimming pool you can swim in any time of the year? Then an indoor swimming pool would do just right. We recommend adding strong glass over the pool that uses a sliding mechanism to open and close, just for safety reasons, to add even more, a hot tub can be set next to the swimming pool so you choose either as you, please. Around both, it would be good to add drains around the edges, just in case any water does spill it can go straight through there!
Time for the room, a lovely white setting would really complement the room giving it a light airy feel, adding to the comfort factor. You could also add some light at the bottom of the pool or hot tub so when it’s dark, it can project a beautiful glow in the room.

A new Bedroom

If you need a new room for whatever reason then an extension might be an amazing idea! This new room can come with many advantages, such as more space and just making your house bigger, which can add more retail value. Depending on what you want to use your room for, there are many ways to make it more modern. If you are thinking of integrating an office in your home, then simple is the way to go. Adding a large black wooden office table and a regular office chair, I would then suggest adding a modern white or black shelf just to keep organised but also make the room look nice. If you want a regular bedroom, then consider whom this bedroom is for. If the bedroom is for a child, then I suggest a lot of colours and fluffy furniture just to brighten up the room. However, if this room is for an older audience, then I would suggest minimalistic designs but still keep the comfy factors to give it a homely feel.