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How to Delegate Effectively

Delegation is excellent when it’s done right, however knowing when and why delegation is important, is essential if you want a successful outcome. In our article we will be discussing the following titles:

  • Why delegating is important
  • When to delegate
  • Who to delegate to

We will cover all of these topics in full detail to give you the best information about understanding delegation. To find out more read on!

Why do managers delegate?

When it comes to a project, delegation is of utmost importance, and it is applied in every business. Not only does it increase the productivity in a business, but it can also potentially increase moral as well. For more, read our article!

Why delegation is important

First, to understand delegation, you must know what it is, according to the Oxford Dictionary it is defined as; Entrusting a task or responsibility to another person, typically one who is is less senior than oneself.

Managers who delegate, take it very seriously, and there are certain reasons why delegation is important;


As workload is transferred to different people whose skills are much more suitable for the task, efficiency improves dramatically. Through delegation, superiors do not need to be constantly called to approve the overall project, and it delivers a much better result when it comes to production, profit and revenue.

Increases morale and confidence:

Every employee has their set of skills as well as their strengths and weaknesses, and employees love to feel useful, the best way to do that is to allocate them fairly challenging yet important tasks. When given something to do, every employee strives to give their best as it gives them a sense of authority and responsibility. If employees feel that they are in charge of something, their morale will increase along with the quality of work and production.

Saves you time:

One reasons delegation is important is that it can spread the workload. If one manager is responsible for a vast amount of work, it leaves them with little time to enjoy the rest of their day, which in turn can bring up feelings of frustration and stress, leaving room for mistakes in the project and rushed work.

Good relations between superiors and subordinates:

If a manager is willing to delegate it means one thing; trust, and an employee knows this and feels that they are useful within the company. The subordinate accepts their role and tries to develop their relationship with the superiors in order to get more work.

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When to delegate

It is important to know when to delegate. Delegating every little task can take away from the importance factor of the allocated tasks and could decrease morale while simultaneously increasing frustration.

Before deciding when to delegate, you must ask yourself these questions:

  • 1. Will this task develop, challenge and grow the person?
  • 2. Is this task important enough to delegate?
  • 3. Does the person have the specific skill sets and expert knowledge to complete the task?
  • 4. Do you have the time to delegate the task effectively?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to most or all of the questions, then the work is worth delegating.

Who to delegate to?

Before an employer hires someone, they always look at their set of skills to see if they are suited for the job role right?

The same principle can be applied when it comes to delegation. You have to look at the task at hand then look for an employee you know will be best suited to that particular task.

When deciding who to delegate to, you have to consider these certain other factors:

  • 1. How does the person work? Are they independent enough to get on with the task on their own, or do they tend to work in groups?
  • 2. Does this person have a lot of work? You have to acknowledge the current workload of the person and if they have to time and resources to take on more work. You do not want to stress the employee as the task will not get done to the best standards.

Here at Clarkson Builders, we take project management very seriously and think about both the managers and the subordinates. We believe for a project to be successful no matter what it is, every aspect of the project must be taken into consideration, so our Builders in Milton Keynes and our Builders in Newport Pagnell can do the best job they can possibly do!

Quick Recap…

There are many things to consider when it comes to delegation. Why delegation is important when to delegate and who to delegate to, to get the most out of the task given. Taking into account all of the considerations will ultimately have a positive outcome as it shows you have thought about how the employee feels as well as the task at hand.