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How to be a Good Project Manager

How a team delivers depends on the effectiveness of the project manager. If the manager is too strict, it can increase output, but eventually, decreases morale and motivation. On the other hand, if a project manager is too loose, the team can see this as an opportunity to do what they want, the output will decrease, morale will be there but not for the task at hand. It takes some skill to be able to balance the two to increase both motivation and output, so in this article, we discuss ‘How to be a Good Project Manager’.


One characteristic of a Good Project Manager is empathy. They do not expect everyone to be perfect. If someone on the team does something wrong, they talk to them calmly and show them the right way to do things. If they are shouted at and told how useless they are the only thing that achieves will be tears and again low morale. It is always good to make the team feel like what they are doing is significant, so they work harder to get it done, nevertheless, if someone makes a mistake approach them nicely especially if it’s the first time they are doing the task.


The ability to effectively speak to every member of the team is essential for being a good Project Manager. There are different forms of communication such as emails, texts, meeting or status reports. Effective communication ensures everyone knows what they are doing. If the communication of the project manager is poor, the communication between individuals in the team will be poor as a whole. Miscommunication can cause confusion, and if people are confused output might decrease, or the work might be done wrong.


Not only does delegating tasks spread the workload, it increases motivation as members of the team feel like what they are doing is significant- and it is. Delegating also means the team will feel more confident as it means the project manager trusts them to do a specific task and not the same mundane task every day, it will make them want to work harder on the task to impress the project manager. The output might not increase as they will spend more time on individual tasks, but quality will certainly improve.

Cool Under Pressure

Good project managers should be able to stay calm under pressure. It is common that during a big task, there might be a few problems, but the most important thing is how it is handled. Efficient project managers should be able to stand up and take charge of the situation and try and resolve any problems on hand. If the Project Manager panics along with the rest of the team, it will cause chaos and no one will be able to focus on the actual task. An excellent project manager should have the ability to approach the problem calmly and try not worry other members on the team.