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Garden Room Ideas: Inspiration & Design Advice

Picture this: The morning sun’s beaming down as you sip at your cuppa. The birds are in full song, and the fallen leaves crunch beneath your slippers as you make your way to the base of your garden. Sliding back the doors to your sanctuary, you can’t think of a more peaceful way to start your day. Whilst it might seem like the stuff of dreams, a garden room has made this a reality for thousands throughout the UK. In this article, we’ll look at some of our favourite garden room ideas and shine a light on the financial side of the building process.

Garden Room Ideas: Inspiration For Your Garden Buildings

In recent times, garden rooms have soared in popularity. A trend that took off in the pandemic, over 200,000 UK households have already unlocked the benefits of a separate garden space. Whether it’s for garden parties in the warmer months or office space when you’re working from home, when it comes to garden buildings, the options are endless.

The best garden rooms allow you to enjoy a natural extension of your home whilst creating space away from your daily routines. From contemporary styles to something a little more classic, garden rooms are a blank canvas for interior and exterior design. With modular rooms of all specs and sizes, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

Garden Building Ideas

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve compiled some of our favourite garden buildings so you can begin to visualise how your own might look. These designs are super stylish but maintain a welcoming feel that will wow your guests and give you the ideal garden escape.

Garden Room Exterior Ideas

Let’s start with the exterior. Nailing the external aesthetics of your garden room is crucial. This is what you’ll wake up to each morning and what your guests will see as you welcome them to your home. From traditional conservatory-style buildings to modern studios, our team of builders in Milton Keynes will help you bring to life whatever you’ve got in mind.

Wood Cabin Office

Wood panel office building with stone patio

This design exudes calm. The wooden panelling resembles that of a cosy cabin welcoming you in. With a significant emphasis on the large windows spanning each wall, this building allows plenty of natural light to illuminate the space. With a large stone patio, this space has excellent hosting potential. The standing stones add flair to an otherwise simple and effective design.

Cosy Floral Cottage

As dreamy as it gets, this cosy cottage is tucked away at the back of the garden. Hugged by hydrangeas, it’s coupled a traditional exterior with a soft colour tone to create the most inviting garden room. Beautifully in bloom throughout the summer and warming in the winter, this design is straight out of a fairytale.

Red Brick Conservatory

A little home away from home, this space expertly combines wood, brick, and glass. The patio gives this design the ideal lounging area in the warmer months, while the redbrick walls will keep the inside cosy as the cold rolls in. With plenty of greenery surrounding the building, this garden room provides a wholesome escape from household routines.

Garden Room Interior Ideas

Now you’ve sorted the exterior, you can focus on perfecting your space. Whatever function you envision for your garden building, it’s important to have style and practicality at the forefront of your mind. From a tech-friendly office space to a fitness fanatic’s dream, here are some of our favourite takes on a garden room interior.

Modern Garden Office

Garden office

Sleek and sophisticated, this set-up makes working from home a piece of cake. The combination of neutral tones lets you focus on the task at hand, and the cosy couch area is excellent for regular breaks. You’ll look forward to your morning routine when your commute is just a stroll through your garden.

Stylish Social Area

Stylish Social Area

If you like hosting, this is the style for you. A comfortable space for sociability with views out into the garden- the only problem you’ll have is getting your guests to go home. With timeless styles and earthy tones, this garden room blends seamlessly with the surrounding greenery.

Garden Gym

Garden Gym

Throw out those gym memberships and work towards your fitness goals in the comfort of your own garden. This set-up has everything you need to get in shape without a crowded and sweaty gym.

How Much Value Does An Extension Add

As a WFH or hybrid-working lifestyle grows in popularity, prospective buyers increasingly value what a garden room or office can offer. Dedicated office space in your property is now a highly desirable selling point, only forecasted to grow over the coming years. In fact, recent studies suggest unique space-creating solutions, like garden rooms, are the best way to add value to your property. The appeal of a stylish outbuilding offering more space adds an average of 8.4% to the value of your home.

How Can A Garden Room Add Value?

  • Increased floor space: Garden rooms are far more cost-effective than traditional extensions and loft conversions, not to mention less disruptive. On top of this, garden rooms allow you to add extra space without sacrificing valuable living areas from your home.
  • Attract buyers who work from home: Despite a huge rise in hybrid working arrangements, people often still want the structure of leaving the house to go to work. Garden rooms offer privacy and physical distance between work life and home life. These spaces are completely flexible and can be transformed by each homeowner to meet their needs.
  • Makes the property stand out: Homeowners who opt for garden rooms immediately add a ‘wow’ factor to their property. This allows the property to stand out and attract prospective buyers.

Numerous factors influence the value a garden room will add to your property. The most obvious of these factors is size. A larger garden building typically adds more value due to increased floor space. However, this is not always the case. A garden room that is disproportionate to your garden may be detrimental to the value as it decreases outdoor space. If you’re looking for an alternative way to make effective use of the space on your property, why not try out a garage conversion? Often, garages occupy more space than is necessary for their function and they’re the first space homeowners look to transform. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out our guide to converting your garage.

To discuss how to make the best use of your garden space and boost the value of your property, get in touch with our team of builders in Buckingham. We’ll discuss the options available and build a plan of action that suits your needs.

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Do I Need Planning Permission For An Extension?

More often than not, you can install a garden room at your property without the hassle and expense of planning permission. Generally, garden buildings do not require planning permission because they fall within your permitted development rights. They are classed as ‘outbuildings’ and can be built on your property in compliance with permitted development guidelines.

Occasionally, properties do not possess the permitted development rights necessary to build an outbuilding on their grounds. Whilst this is less common, you must be aware of the instances where planning permission is needed.

When Might I Need Planning Permission For A Garden Room?

  • Your home: Permitted development allowances only apply to houses- not flats or other buildings.
  • Designated land: Permitted development may not be allowed in areas classed as designated land. This includes national parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites. Garden rooms in these locations must not exceed 10 square metres to fall within permitted development.
  • Taller garden rooms: Garden rooms must be single-story and less than 3m tall to fall within permitted development.
  • What you plan to use the building for: Officially, your garden room must not be a seperate self-contained living accommodation. If you plan on using your building for commercial use, this will require planning permission. Microwave antennas are never allowed under permitted development.
  • Where You Can Build: Outbuildings like garden rooms are not permitted development if built in front of your property as it stood on 1 July 1948.
  • Total size of buildings: Garden rooms and other additions to your home must not exceed 50% of the total land area around the original house (as it stood on 1 July 1948). This includes additions to the home a previous owner may have made.

How Much Does A Garden Room Cost?

To calculate the cost of your garden room build, you’ll need to start with the size and style of the building you’d like. As with any large project, plenty of variables are involved when calculating the costs. The price will be determined by how you approach the build, from labour to fittings. That said, a typical 3m x 3m garden room with foundations and electrics costs an average of £22,000.

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What Next?

If you’re feeling inspired to take on your own outbuilding project, get in touch with us at Clarkson Builders. Our expert team of builders in Olney will work with you on your plans and start making your dreams a reality. You’ll be enjoying your ideal garden room in no time, and your property will have jumped in value. From foundations to the finished build, you’ll be an integral part of the construction process as we work together, bringing your vision to life.