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Benefits of fibre optic installations in new builds

Fibre optic is growing in coverage and popularity. It brings a wide range of benefits to your home and is great if you’re after fast internet connections. Before going ahead with any installation, there are a few things you should know. So here we are going to tell you the benefits of fibre optic installation in your new build.

Fibre optic intallation

Before we go ahead with all the benefits one thing, we would like to mention this isn’t normally something you can install yourself but is great to request when building your new home. Many of you may not actually know what fibre optics are, well a fibre optic cable carries coded information across small glass fibres using either light or infrared signals. Standard cables that you might have had in your old home are normally copper cabling which runs on an analogue signal. Fibre optics run on a digital signal which means they are able to carry more information across and at a higher speed and quality.

You may not know this, but the normal copper cable can have a significant disruption when data is travelling just from noise. If you are using radio, you can sometimes experience drastic crackling. With fibre optics you don’t seem to get this as much, however, can still hear it ever so slightly on a radio if you were really paying attention. The signal isn’t actually affected by this noise and can still transmit information at a better speed, and the quality is significantly better.

If you have a large household or if there are many devices all using the internet at once you may want to seriously think about installing fibre optics. Even with all these devices connected or multiple users on the broadband at once the information transported still runs at the same speed, even if you are downloading large files.

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Benefits of fibre optics

Connecting multiple devices

As previously mentioned fibre optic broadband is great if you wish to use multiple devices in your home. It is ideal for busy homes or for people who like to binge watch tv programmes through streaming sites. What people don’t realise is by streaming vast amounts of videos and programmes can dramatically slow down your standard cabling whereas with fibre it doesn’t affect the speak nor the quality and still allows others to use the internet.

Working from home

If you are someone that likes to work from home, you no longer have to worry about your laptop dropping off the WIFI network when the kids their devices. You can download large files and send emails a lot quicker. You also don’t have to worry about the cabling being insecure. Unfortunately, in this digital age, there are always risks, and there are people out there that will intentionally try to hack into your network, however with fibre you can have that extra peace of mind. When you send any form of information through a fibre cable, it transmits right through the middle of the cable meaning the information cannot be radiated outside of the cable. We believe it actually makes home working a lot more efficient.


Data travels down fibre optic cabling at the speed of light meaning information travels at an extremely fast rate. When you have fibre optics installed many people have experienced impressive download speed with downloads being almost four times faster than standard copper cabling. If you would like to know how fast your fibre optic broadband will be in your area check out Broadband Compared postcode checker.


We have mentioned this a lot throughout the article but due to the speed information travels it means the connections are a lot more reliable and can be used day and night with no interruptions. You will find that the internet doesn’t struggle under the demand of online task such as downloading or uploading large files.

This is really good if you do run your business from home because it means that you don’t have to worry about your network dropping off. You will be able to provide your clientele with the business you want them to receive. It also means you will find it easier to connect with the outside world.


Another benefit is you can facetime family and friends without any interruptions. Even if your families live abroad, you can connect with them at any time of the day and have a great connection. You no longer have to walk around the house with your arm in the air trying to find the right connection so you can see them.

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Fibre optics don’t come at a fixed price so you will have to do some research when it comes to finding the right broadband package for you however we have saved you a little bit of time. If you would like more information on what broadband deals are available to you, then you should take a look at Broadband Choices, by clicking here.


In our opinion, fibre optic cabling is essential for any new build home or for anyone who wishes to run their business from home. Not only does it bring you an array of benefits but it just means running your business is smoother and home life means fewer arguments of who can watch their Netflix.

It offers a secure connection meaning you never have to worry about any risk to the information you may be sent across it. We understand that the initial cost may seem a little more expensive that your bog standard copper cables but you will only reap the benefits in the future.

No one wants slow internet speed so you may be thinking about having fibre optic cabling installed. If you would like more information on how fibre optics work we recommend you speak to a fibre optic installer who can give you many more advantages and can also explain how they install.