Garage & Sunroom Extension – Salcey Forest

Project Overview:

A customer came into contact with our team the old school way – by pulling up to our Stone Wall job in Hanslope and asking for our number after being exceptionally impressed with our teamwork! The client was looking to add a single storey side extension on their property between their home and garage, maintaining the traditional stone exterior as on their existing property.

What We Did:

To begin the clients project, we had to take down existing dilapidated wooden barns/garages and build a brand new stone built quadruple garage with a connecting oak and stone sunroom.

There were a few changes along the way that we had to overcome in terms of making it slightly bigger for the customer and then upgrading from a uPVC sunroom to an oak sunroom. While this caused a slight delay in the project, as you can see from the images below, it was well worth the wait.

We also found an old water storage tank that was 4m in circumference and 3m deep right on the corner of the footings, which was then mass filled with concrete after a few frantic phone calls between the building inspector and structural engineers. However, this was all dealt with in good time, and the team were then able to continue with the remainder of the project.

Once the superstructure was built and the oak was erected, we completed this interior with an underfloor heating system throughout the sunroom and utility, covered with an engineered oak floor. The room was also decorated to the customer’s requirements with the installation of an MKM Cottage Sage Green Cottage style utility room and a WC cloakroom.

If you would also like to design and install single or double-storey extensions in Milton Keynes, please feel free to give our team a call.

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