Garage Conversion Project

What the Client Wanted:

Here is a complete conversion and transformation project of this triple garage that our team constructed for a client a few years back. Our team turned it from an ordinary garage into a replica Crucible for our client, come very small gym for the client’s wife.

What we did:

Initially, we removed two of the garage doors and bricked up the openings, installing brand new windows that matched the home. We then cut out another window in the end wall of the garage that looked over the park, allowing an excess of light into the building. Having done this, we then installed a new personnel door into the side of the garage in the direction of the house, specifically for ease of access.

In order for there to be heat in the garage, which was an essential requirement, we installed a new electrical feed from the house to the new consumer in the garage. The garage was equipped with an electric radiator, keeping our client warm while he practices his snooker. The Clarkson Builders team plastered all of the walls and ceilings and also worked on additional tasks, such as, the thermal lining and boarding. We then levelled, insulated and screened the entire flooring. The floor had to be specially measured to allow for the snooker table legs to stand on the solid screen and preventing any chance of it collapsing through the insulation board!

Although our team worked particularly hard to turn our client’s visions into reality, essentially, this spectacular snooker room was brought to life mainly due to the special design lighting system by Brand Lighting. The garage was installed with a Lutron control system and anti-glare light fittings. These fittings were carefully planned, allowing for the closest thing to the exact outdoor lighting of the Crucible.

You can see in the pictures below what the garage originally looked like and how we utterly transformed it. If you’re interested in any of the services that we have to offer, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Pictures from the Project: