What the Client Wanted:

Our Client wanted a newly built stone house complete with a fully insulated kitchen and a landscaped garden.

How Long did it take?:

We built this stone-structured house from scratch within 15 months.

What we did:

The project began with us building the foundations and getting the core structure of the house in place before putting up the stone bricks.

Once the stone bricks were in place, we worked on the roof to ensure the building was air tight, along with fitting the windows.

We then moved on the interior of the home, where we insulated and plaster boarded the walls.

After the plastering was complete, we looked at building the kitchen, then added final touches.

Finally, to bring the whole house together, we landscaped the garden to give it an overall wow factor.

Client Feedback:

Charlie and Trudy Wynn-Williams: Clarkson Builders were absolutely amazing, they did an excellent job and put all of our ideas into practise. Highly Recommended!