The Benefits of Construction Project Management

Project Management within the Construction industry is fast becoming a popular form for control and organisation. Commonly known for large Construction companies, however at Clarkson Builders we have learnt that not many of the public realise the benefits of Construction project management and how it can be a positive investment for your Construction work. What

5 Signs of a Cowboy Builder

Whenever we decide it’s time to get a renovation completed within the home, there is always that worry of finding the right Builder for the job, in this week’s article our team are discussing the 5 signs of a Cowboy Builder, and how you can prevent falling into their trap. How to Spot a Cowboy

How to Build Your New Home?

Thinking of starting from scratch? Surprisingly this way of thinking is not far from the norm. As the cost of buying houses are fast rising within the UK, many people are finding themselves designing and building their home right down from the planning stage. In this week’s blog our team have come together to discuss

How to Find the Best Builder?

Building construction work is a fast growing popular way of renovating a home. As there are many building companies out there, offering different services from the other, knowing ‘How to find the best builder’ can be quite difficult. During this week’s blog, we are going to be discussing ways in which you should consider in

Popular Home Conversions for 2016

That time in the year has come where us here at Clarkson builders’ have come together to discuss ‘Popular Home Conversions for 2016’. Our team have collectively agreed upon the weirdest designs to the most practical for your home. How We Came to our Decision? Good question, with there being so many different types of

Stone or Timber? – House Construction

Well, which one are you? At Clarkson builders, we have two home construction services on offer; Stone and Timber. Both holds respectable qualities which shines and compliments any home. For this week’s article, we have decided to inform you a little bit more about these construction services. So have you come up with an answer

Renovation Restoration

Tired of looking at the same thing every day? Maybe you’ve lived in your home for a while now, and you’re looking for something a little different. Why not opt for our Renovation Milton Keynes service. Our handy and qualified builders are experts in renovation restoration. Why settle for something you’re not happy with? Clarkson

Planning for your Extension

Getting a Home Extension can be very exciting yet very stressful, at Clarkson Builders in Milton Keynes we are here to make your life easier. Below, we are going to give you tips and hints on planning for your extension. What we do? We specialise in many areas when it comes to home renovation, below

Where to Start When Re-modelling

A question that even we sometimes find difficult to answer, when it comes to re-modelling your home, everyone is different! As you have probably seen on our website, there are so many different services to choose from, how do you know which one to go for? Don’t worry! Here at Clarkson Builders in Milton Keynes

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to Clarkson Builders new webiste. If you haven’t gathered already, we are a constuction service company. Offering a wide variety of different services to better off your home. Below are the services which we supply:Conversions, Architectural Drawings, Extensions, New Build Houses, Project Management, Renovations, Stone Construction & Timber Frame Construction.. Having had many years